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"dark academia meets modern graphic design; think mid-century modern Slytherine common room"

"Working with Huda was an absolute dream from the very start. I found her through an Instagram search and filled out the inquiry form on her site. She was so fast to respond and get the ball rolling. 

I wanted a photoshoot to launch my new freelance business and had some definite ideas and a specific direction I wanted to go in. Huda was incredible at taking my ideas and helping me build a really strong and stable strategy surrounding how and where to use these photos in my marketing. She went beyond expectations and truly coached me through the creative side of launching my own business. I learned so much from her not just about photography, but about marketing as a whole. 

Huda and I weren't even remotely near each other, yet she still agreed to meet me in the middle to do an incredible shoot in Chicago. From booking locations to planning wardrobe, she made the planning and prep process, which is usually one of the most stressful parts of shoots, completely effortless. 

I was incredibly nervous the day of the shoot, since I'm not even remotely comfortable in front of the camera. Huda brought such an infectious (maybe bad choice of words for this day in age) energy that brought me from anxious to empowered and inspired. Shooting with Huda was like hanging out with a friend, but a really organized, professional, and supportive friend. We ran into a few roadblocks with location changes in the midst of downtown Chicago, but I wasn't at all phased because of the trust I had in Huda. She handled every pivot like it was nothing and improvised to create some of the best shots of the day.  

You can see for yourself on her socials and website, but the end products from the photo shoot are nothing short of exceptional. She took my concepts and vision and flawlessly turned it into a reality. I now have a suite of kickass photos that I can look back at not just for business uses, but to remind myself of how dope (and like super hot) I am. Her art brings out the best in you and that lives in the images you get to keep after all is said and done. I am so beyond grateful to have connected with Huda. I don't plan on ever working with another photographer who isn't her. 

Queue the "ladies and gentlemen... ✨HER✨."


Founder | Haberdash Digital